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Live like a local and enjoy a unique experience in the heart of Mougins village! 

La Réserve by Mougins Luxury Retreats proposes eight rooms, five apartments, and two villas in one of the most beautiful villages on the French Riviera. 











Mougins is a charming, old village that is trapped in a time capsule. Its narrow and paved streets, its slow pace, and friendly shopkeepers make Mougins a place that one longs to go back to.

With accommodations scattered throughout the village, La Réserve by Mougins Luxury Retreats is the perfect haven for those who’d not only like to discover a historical place, but who'd also love to be ideally located from the likes of Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Monaco, and St-Tropez.


We’re not too far from anything, yet once in Mougins, it feels like there’s no one else in the world. 


Mougins’s history in a nutshell: 

Founded by Romans in the first century B.C.E, Muginum—as it was called then—was a resting area along the Via Aurelia, an important route between Rome and Arles. The ideal hilltop location gave Romans an optimum control over their surroundings. 

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Mougins remains true to its heritage with manifold galleries and restaurants.


Meet the artists in their galleries and learn about their art while you peacefully stroll in the village. Then, enjoy a nice lunch and/or dinner in one of the fabulous restaurants Mougins has to offer.


Whether you’re looking for haute cuisine or something more casual, Mougins can satisfy every palate!

In 1056, the count of Antibes gifted the small village of Mougins to the Abbey of Lérins, and the two locations remained linked together until the French Revolution in 1789.


Fortifications were built during the Middle Ages as the village suffered many assaults due to its strategic location. To this day, Porte Sarazzine—one of the three access points through the remparts—is still standing, acting as a firsthand witness of Mougins’s rich and glorious history. 

From the 18th century onwards, the village prospered thanks to the cultivation of jasmine, olives, vineyards, and roses. 

Mougins later took advantage of the rise of tourism in the early 20th century on the French Riviera to attract new inhabitants, tourists, and celebrities from all over the world. Famous painters and renowned chefs alike have been inspired by the quaintness of Mougins: Picasso spent the last part of his life here and Chef Roger Vergé contributed in making Mougins "the capital of gastronomy" on the French Riviera. 

Staying at La Réserve by Mougins Luxury Retreats isn’t just about going to the hotel, it is about experiencing life as a local in a beautiful village in the south of France.

It is about meeting the artists, the shopkeepers,  the restaurant owners, and all  the people who make Mougins Village the true gem it is.


And most importantly, staying with us is all about making great memories…

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All our units have been entirely designed and refurbished by our interior design company, Francobelge Interiors. 

Discover our team of Interiors designers


28, avenue de la Victoire

06250 Mougins

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